Introducing the FreeVision® Indoor Outdoor UHF VHF Antenna by

The Winegard FreeVision® is a revolutionary outdoor, indoor TV antenna that receives both UHF and High-Band VHF. The FreeVision TV antenna mounts easily on the outside of your home, on your deck or column, railing or even right on the side of your house. The TV antenna can also be mounted indoors in your attic or right in your living room and painted to match your decor!

Receive More Channels!
Did you know you can get channels for free that you can't even get with satellite or cable? Your local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and other stations now multi-cast several channels at the same time. While you might get your local ABC on cable, your missing out on their expanded programming, kids shows, news, weather and more! More channels with no monthly fees!

Uncompressed, Clearest HD Picture!
Cable and satellite signals are heavily compressed before they reach your home! Over-the-air signals go directly from your local broadcast station to your antenna and offer the clearest uncompressed HD picture possible. Get the true 1080 experience from your HDTV with the Winegard FreeVision outdoor indoor TV antenna! 

Professional Installation
With DigitalTV Solution, every FreeVision® purchased includes professional installation to ensure a perfect picture!

Antenna Specifications:
Model: FV-HD30
Also sold as the FV-30BB and FV-HDCO.

  • Free Digital and HD Programming – NO Monthly Programming Fees
  • More Channels than ever Before
  • Channels that Cable and Satellite don't get (Multi-Casting Technology)
  • Clearest HD Possible - No Compression
  • Back up in emergencies/bad weather
  • Receives High Band VHF and UHF Signals
  • 0-30 Mile Range from Tower
  • Compatible with ALL Brands of TVs and Receivers
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions 20.57”w x 12.98”h x 6.20”d
  • Weight 1.12 lbs
  • Heavy Duty U-Bolt Mounting Clamp Included
    • Easy installation indoors or outdoors
    • Receives both UHF (14-69) and High VHF (7-13) channels
    • Paintable to match your home decor
    • Mounts easily in attics, on apartments, decks and columns

  • FreeVision® Indoor Outdoor UHF VHF Antenna

$195.00 installed 

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